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Detroit Has Two of the Best Halal Restaurants in U.S., says roundup

December 10, 2019, 6:10 AM

Metro Detroit is a hub for halal eateries, as locals know. Now the area earns attention from a national publication for having two of America's best halal restaurants. 

Ali Bazzy with roasted chickens at his Dearborn Heights restaurant. (Photo: Facebook)

AB’s Amazing Ribs of Dearborn Heights, the state’s only establishment for halal BBQ, also is “one of the best BBQ joints in Michigan” of any type, Thrillist says.

While many BBQ spots offer a short rib once a week, AB’s Amazing Ribs offers it every single day. His ribs come with an unforgettable horseradish-based white sauce.

The restaurant, owned by Ali Bazzy, is at 27310 Ford Rd.


Detroit’s Royale with Cheese, 4163 Cass Ave., also makes the list. The Tarantino-inspired burger spot opened its Cass Corridor location in 2017. Thrillist raved about its signature burgers.

Royale With Cheese is the perfect example of Detroit’s take on Halal food that checks all the boxes -- a Pulp Fiction-inspired burger spot covered with fun murals and photographs that offers something for everyone in the family. And you’ll need the whole crew because you should family style and try as many burgers as you canThe roundup by Mohammad Modarres, a freelance writer, lists eight other notables.  

The roundup from freelance contributors lists eight other notable spots. Halal food avoid all forms of pork and follow a meat production process known by American Muslims as Zabihah.

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