Politics Podcast: The Always Sexy Topic of Gas Taxes

December 20, 2019, 12:04 AM

Bill Ballenger and Dennis Denno, veterans of Michigan politics, discuss timely issues on "The Friday Morning Podcast," sponsored by Deadline Detroit: 

► Trump was in Battle Creek while he was being impeached in Washington.

► The Michigan Supreme Court punts on a ruling. 

► More news out of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.

► Interview with Mark Griffin, president of the Michigan Petroleum Association. The interview includes talk about electric vehicles being able to go to a gas station and get charged in the same time it takes to pump gas, and the always sexy topic of the gas tax and the future of retail. 

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Potd_img_5299_591 Motor City Renegades motorcycle club with a lifting motorcycle above the building. Spotted on 8 mile.

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