M.L. Elrick video: Support Local Journalism with a $3 Deadline Detroit Membership

February 11, 2020, 5:34 PM

Investigative reporter M.L. Elrick, who shared a 2009 Pulitzer Prize at the Detroit Free Press, appreciates quality, independent local journalism. So he's urging readers to sign up for Deadline Detroit's $3 monthly membership in a video.


Deadline Detroit reporters and contributors come from publications that include The Washington Post, New York Times, Detroit News, Free Press, Associated Press and Bridge magazine. We cover a broad range of issues, including problems with police oversight, downtown development, housing and blight issues. We also cover events that only happen here — like Jobbie Nooner, the Cannabis Cup or any number of Trump rallies. Craig Fahle produces a five-day-a-week podcast.

And in case you miss any of this, we catch you up with a weekly newsletter each Wednesday afternoon.

To make this more enticing, members are eligible for monthly prizes. So far, we've given out gift cards to restaurants that include the London Chop House, Takoi, American Coney Island and Wright & Co., plus and Red Wings and Pistons tickets and Starbucks gift cards. 

Like we said, it's only three bucks a month. SIGN UP HERE

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