Video: New Year's Eve gunfire, shared on social media

January 02, 2020, 7:57 AM

It's a pretty standard New Year's Day in Detroit, in which many of us wake up and ask ourselves, how did my car get that bullet hole in the windshield?

As everyone around here knows, the streets of Detroit ring out like the back alleys of Fallujah at midnight, with partiers firing guns at the sky. What goes up, etc., and there have been dozens of stories about bullets coming down through skylights, windshields and other breakable surfaces. 

Who does this? you might be thinking. Who are these idiots? We found some. You can't ID anyone, can't even tell you what neighborhood this was, but those muzzle flashes look real: 


Here’s a summary for some of the loud noises last night. Follow @metrodetroitnews #2020

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