Detroit cop who beat mentally ill woman in hospital could be promoted

January 16, 2020, 11:24 PM

It was one of the more horrific displays of police brutality in Detroit in recent years: A cop caught on camera, forcefully punching a naked woman in the hospital at least 12 times.

Detroit Police Cpl. Dewayne Jones was suspended and later convicted of misdemeanor assault in the 2018 incident, with the judge in the case saying he looked "like a rogue officer gone wild."

Jones still is on the force — and up for a promotion. Chief James Craig says there's not much he can do about it.

The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners voted against Jones' promotion Thursday, but WXYZ reports he can still be elevated to sergeant:

... he is still able to get promoted due to an arbitration order as part of the collective bargaining agreement.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig spoke at the meeting and said that his promotion is being considered due to a binding arbitration order that goes back to an incident in 1999. In that incident, an arbiter ruled that an officer with discipline could be promoted, the chief said.

Craig said according to the DPOA collective bargaining agreement, "the city is obligated legally and morally to provide equality of opportunity, consideration, and treatment for all members."

Jones last week moved for a new trial in the 2018 beating, arguing jurors weren't given proper instructions to evaluate police use of force.

The victim was mentally ill and spit on and bit hospital staff and security before a bystander began filming the assault, Craig said at the time.

Jones was sentenced to probation for the incident.

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