Oblivious Driver Gets Stuck in Concrete near 8 Mile, Shamed on Twitter by Oakland County Road Commission

February 03, 2020, 11:07 AM

The construction crew helped unstick the car. Photo: Twitter

Over the weekend, a careless or disobedient motorist in Southfield attempted to drive on new pavement that wasn’t dry yet. Oakland County road crews were repairing pavement on a section of Lahser Road, just north of the 8 Mile border, when the driver ignored barricades and got stuck in wet concrete.

The construction crew helped unstick the car. However, the driver got several tickets and was billed for the damage, according to the county road commission. Additionally, the commission took to Twitter, publicly shaming the driver who ruined their “artwork,” writing “SMH" (shaking my head).

The pavement was being fixed due to damage from a water main break. Crews will need to rip out and repour that section of concrete, according to the agency.

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