Miserable Ex-Michigan Coach John Beilein May Quit NBA

February 17, 2020, 7:13 AM

John Beilein (Photo: Adam Glanzman)

Coaching college and the pros can be very different. Adult millionaires aren't always as easy to manage.

Ex-University of Michigan Coach John Beilein, rookie coach of Dan Gilbert's Cleveland Cavaliers, has discussed stepping down before the end of the All-Star break, reports ESPN. A decision could come any time.

Beilein, 67, who signed a five-year contract, has been increasingly unable to adjust to a dramatically different world in the NBA, ESPN reports: 

Friends and associates of Beilein have described him as unhappy -- even miserable -- with the move to the Cavaliers. The losing that comes with a rebuild, as well as several skirmishes in public and private with players, has played a part in the rapid deterioration, sources said.

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