S.F. TV Covers How City Hall Halted Series Broadcast At Stadium Site

October 28, 2012, 11:07 PM

San Francisco's KCBS-TV paid a visit to Detroit over the weekend with the Giants.

Reporter Vern Glenn reported on the Tigers' former home, Tiger Stadium, and on the Bing administration's last-minute cancellation of an MLB-approved World Series viewing party.

The plan to show Game 3 of the Series at the old stadium site was cancelled Saturday morning after city officials claim organizers didn't complete the steps necessary to hold the event.

A statement from the city's director of planning and facilities Karla Henderson said no official request was submitted by organizers.

"Although the City appreciates the enthusiasm for the Tigers and the community spirit displayed by this group, we have informed them that this viewing cannot be allowed," Henderson said in the statement.

"The organizers failed to contact the City in a timely manner and adhere to proper guidelines for events held on public property, which include an agreement between the event organizers and the City. Such an agreement requires a public safety plan, permits related to safety and health regulations, and City Council approval. The sole purpose of these guidelines is to protect the health and safety of all participants."

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