Michigan begins reporting Covid recovery stats

April 09, 2020, 6:50 AM

We've heard from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic that while the disease is often fatal, it is more often survivable. This week, the state started reporting numbers of those who had verified cases and 30 days later, are alive and virus-free. 

(Photo: Reddit)

The first day's numbers (drumroll, please): 56 as of last Saturday. 

Nowhere to go but up.

Larger numbers are posted by three Detroit area hospitals: 

  • Henry Ford Health System lists 859 "patients discharged to home" from its five hospitals as of Wednesday afternoon.

  • A lobby board at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak (pictured) shows 989 "patients with Covid-19 are discharged and heading towards recovery." 

  • Detroit Medical Center today shows 426 Covid patient discharges on a lobby display.

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Photo Of The Day 

Throw back to this beautiful shot of of winter filled Downtown Detroit on Woodward Ave with the QLine. Hopefully soon we can enjoy mass transit in the city once again after this pandemic.

By: Michael Lucido