Michigan Covid count triples in past week to 28,059, more than in California; deaths much higher here

April 15, 2020, 4:05 PM by  Alan Stamm

Michigan's rolling total of Covid cases has tripled in this month's first seven days and is almost 10 times as high as two Wednesdays ago.

This afternoon's figures from Lansing list 1,058 new cases, up 3.9% since Tuesday, for a total of 28,059.

In addition, 153 more deaths from the virus are newly recorded, pushing the statewide toll to 1,921 since March 17. 

Startling facts: Michigan has 2,200 more cases than California, which has about 25,800.
Deaths here are more than twice as high as the 790 in California -- although that state has 39.7 million residents, compared to Michigan's 10 million.

"It's important that we double down on our efforts" to mitigate the spread, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says in a late afternoon televised briefing. "This is a hard time." 

In Detroit, 132 new cases and 48 more deaths are reported Tuesday by the state. Separate city tallies list 121 new cases and 45 deaths since Tuesday. A Detroit Health Department chart (below), tracking confirmed cases since March 10, shows a few declines and general leveling over the past 10 days.

(Graphic: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services)

The ongoing state and city counts don't reflect hospital discharges and recoveries. Henry Ford Health System lists 1,285 discharges of Covid patients from its five hospitals and Beaumont says 1,783 have left its eight facilities. 

Three-county deaths from the lung virus rise to 1,606, including Detroit. That's 83.6% of Michigan fatalities from the disease.

Wednesay's overall patient count includes 21,912 from Detroit and its surrounding three counties (78% of the state total).

Here are Detroit and suburban infections and deaths since mid-March, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services:

  • Detroit: 7,136 cases | 475 deaths

  • Oakland: 5,576 cases | 392 deaths

  • Wayne (minus Detroit): 5,408 cases | 409 deaths

  • Macomb: 3,792 cases | 330 deaths

Covid patients in Detroit during the past five weeks. (Chart: Detroit Department of Health)

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