You can now get a haircut in Michigan. Yes, it'll be different.

June 15, 2020, 7:22 AM

You won't have an excuse for shaggy quarantine locks much longer. Michigan spas, hair salons and barbershops start reopening today. 

Remember this fun chapter of Michigan pandemic history? (File photo)

As Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive order closing the facilities expires, various businesses are instituting different policies as they welcome customers again. Expect changes, depending on whether you're getting a cut, massage or other service. 

Some salons may ask customers to wait in their cars before being summoned directly to their stylist's station; so no more paging through fashion magazines while you wait. Others will be thoroughly sanitizing chairs and the surrounding area between appointments; so expect delays. And some have cut off the mimosa service many enjoyed during manicures; so expect KAREN MELTDOWNS AND -- oh excuse us, we got carried away. Just kidding.

The bottom line: Call your salon/spa/shop beforehand and ask what to expect. 

The Free Press reports:

When (Kristan Sayers' K Bella Hair Studio & Spa in Brighton) reopens Monday, it’s opening at less than half the normal capacity. There’s no double-booking appointments, where a stylist juggles two different customers over the same window of time, because each chair needs to be sanitized between appointments, a process that takes 20 minutes.

She’s installing dividers between chairs that hang from the ceiling, keeping the salon open for longer hours to accommodate more guests and ordering more personal protective equipment. All this costs money.

“If salons don’t up prices, they will take huge pay cuts,” she said. “We have a service agreement where we communicate this (price increase) to clients and in the consultation we explain it again. We don’t have a choice.”

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