Returning your cascade of containers likely requires patience and repeat trips

June 16, 2020, 9:28 AM

(Photo: Iowa Recycling Association)

Bring back your sticky mass, your tired piles
Of huddled cans yearning to be redeemed

We all have 'em in bags, boxes, bins or backseats. It's time to turn glass and alumninum beverage containers back into the dollars held hostage since March.

Just don't expect an easy load-and-go flow at the Tomra machines in your market of choice. And count on multiple trips if you have more than 250 returnables because $25 in dime refunds is the max each time.

"Grocery stores estimate there’s about $65 million worth of unreturned bottles and cans in the state," reports WDIV, which spoke with consumers Monday who were among "hundreds lined up at the Kroger in Sterling Heights."

Here's what some good sports say about this back-toward-normal step:

► "Yeah, I do like Budweiser." Dean Preister, 

► "I’ve never drank so much pop . . . to try to get away from beer [during] cabin fever." -- Marlon Cook, Sterling Heights

► "For three months, [these were] just sitting in bags, just waiting to be returned. They're been in the guest room, to the point where there was no room for a guest." -- Harold Warntz, Clinton Township

► "I probably have a grand to return, at least [from a can drive with friends] We're going to the Galapagos Islands with my school." -- Martina Palazzolo, 14, high school honor student from Sterling Heights who has a GoFundMe page

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