Stop the presses: Nolan Finley is displeased with Joe Biden

June 18, 2020, 7:16 AM

Come on, Nolan. It's not even August yet. This is the best you can do? 

"I wish Joe Biden was better," the headline on his Thursday column plaintively whines. Well, buddy, join the club. 

Nolan Finley is very, very disappointed. (File photo)

But in a week during which the actual president of the United States slurred his way through a commencement speech at the U.S. Military Academy, when he whine-tweeted about how he "ran" down a gentle ramp afterward, when yet another book written by a former administration member revealed he doesn't know Finland is an independent nation, tried to get the Chinese to help him get re-elected, and that his staff pass notes to one another reading "He is so full of shit," and this all in one week -- you write about Biden?

Dude. You possess the singular honor of not endorsing Trump in 2016. Don't squander it. 

But nooooo:

Many of us will find ourselves in the same place we were in 2016, forced to hold our noses and pick the lesser of two evils, whoever we perceive that to be based on our self-interests.

Pretending that Biden is the man for this very troubled moment in America is delusional. And pointing out his shortcomings, by the way, doesn’t make you a Trump lover.

Biden is a leaky balloon, unable to achieve liftoff in this campaign. During the dual crises this spring, he has not found the presence to inspire the nation to the hope that relief is coming.

A far better columnist at another newspaper, Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times, compared the nation to a burning building not long ago. We are the unlucky occupants crawling along the floor with our howling infant, trying to find our way out. Suddenly, a fireman appears at the window, and it's Joe Biden. Do you hand him the baby, or regret he isn't exactly the sort of firefighter you wanted? 

Finley, faced with the conflagration, complains that the fireman isn't handsome enough, that Democrats picked the wrong firefighter from the field of applicants. No argument here! But we'd remind him that the Republicans had a similarly crowded field in 2016, conservatives across the spectrum, most at least semi-competent, and they chose the guy who thinks Finland is part of Russia.

Do better, Nolan. We still have months to go. 

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