Dishing like a pro: Gov. Whitmer serves coneys at Lafayette in Detroit

June 18, 2020, 4:50 PM by  Alan Stamm

A security guard walks into a photo op and gets one with everything to go. (Photos: State of Michigan)

"If you ordered from Lafayette Coney Island today, your food may have been prepared by a familiar face," Gretchen Whitmer tweets after a brief turn at Lafayette Coney Island's grill and serving counter Thursday afternoon.

"Had a blast learning the ropes from Lafayette’s incredible staff," the governor adds, "and was thrilled to see how Michigan businesses are ensuring the safety of their employees and customers."

Just an ordinary Thursday afternoon on West Lafayette . . . with a Big Gretch drop-by.

She wore a snazzy, custom mask with a clear panel sewn into a Michigan outline pattern -- all the better to smile at the real workers, surprised patrons and an aide's lens. (For politicians, cameras are as mandatory as face masks.)

The legendary location chosen for the goodwill visit has been a downtown mainstay since 1924, when Greek immigrants Bill Keros opened it next to his brother Gust's place, American Coney Island.

Family tradition is behind Whitmer's choice, she tells Tim Pamplin of WDIV:

"This is where my dad brought me growing up. That's what I knew.

"We're going to go [next door] and say hi after I'm done here. This isn't about endorsements, but this is where I grew up, so this is where I came."

Here are two more promos souvenirs from Whitmer's social media team:

Glad you went to Michigan State and Detroit College of Law, governor?
Getting dogs plated and lined up is far simpler than her regular work.

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