Trump Blames Local Democratic Leaders for 'Dangerous Cities,' Singling Out Detroit and Baltimore

June 21, 2020, 12:18 AM by  Allan Lengel

President Trump in Tulsa (President's  Instagram page)

In a typical speech playing to his base, President Donald Trump on Saturday night told a mostly maskless crowd at a Tulsa rally that Democratic leaders in urban America were to blame for poverty and crime -- and he singled out Detroit and Baltimore.

"Twenty of 20 of the most dangerous cities in America are controlled by Democrats," he told a receptive crowd that was far smaller than anticipated at the BOK Center.  "Think of that, 20 of 20. And so is nearly every major city with a child poverty rate that's over 30 percent, they're controlled by Democats. We can name every one of them.

"The murder rate in Baltimore and Detroit is higher than El Salvador, Guatemala or even Afghanistan. How they doing, the Democrats running those cities? Your whole country will be like that."

Both Detroit and Baltimore have Democratic mayors. 

Trump went on to cite crime statistics nationwide for 2018, and assured the crowd that America will be better off with Republicans in charge.

"A vote for Republicans is a vote for better schools, better jobs, safer families and stronger communities for all Americans," he said. 

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