Ted Nugent Wants Obama Statue Removed, So Metro Times Rips Him a New One

June 22, 2020, 7:46 AM

Michigan rocker Ted Nugent sees the world a bit differently.

He posted this on Facebook the other day in response to the push to remove statues of Confederate soldiers and slave owners. (The statue is in Rapid City, S.D.)

That brings a strong rebuke from Metro Times Editor Lee DeVito, who refers to Nugent as a "local asshat:"

Instead of self-reflecting on his own use of Confederate flag imagery or his own possible racist attitudes, the Motor City Madman is engaging in some deeply misguided whataboutism, writing in a Facebook post that he thinks a statue of Barack Obama and his daughter Malia should be removed.

We think the Nuge should think about why the sight of a successful Black man offends him so much. And anyway, the tearing down of racist and problematic monuments isn't about people being offended — it's about rethinking what it says about our culture that we continue to glorify these things.

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