Gallery: Hey hey, ho ho -- Detroit Protesters Want Chief and Mayor to Go

June 30, 2020, 12:04 AM

A protest march was relatively peaceful Monday night in Detroit, one night after officers rammed demonstrators with an SUV. 

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Monday afternoon the department was investigating the matter, but defended the police.

Hours later, a couple hundred or so spirited protesters marched in Southwest Detroit, with some calling for the resignation of the chief and Mayor Mike Duggan. They also chanted "no justice, no peace," "Black Lives Matter,"  and derided President Trump,  Duggan and Little Caesars.  

The protest ended peacefully around 10 p.m. where it had started, at the 4th Precinct police station on West Fort Street.  

                             Photos by Michael Lucido

Protesters gathering outside the 4th Precinct in Southwest Detroit on Fort Street.
A reflection of what had taken place last night with protesters and a police vehicle.
Speakers on the hill outside the 4th Precinct sharing their stories. 
A protester working up a sign for the march through Southwest Detroit.
The march through Southwest Detroit.
Getting the crowd hyped up with chants.
A train conductor showing his support.


Protesters sitting under a viaduct in solidarity with eachother.
A motorcycle had to turn around due to the protest and laid down major tire burns on the road.
An interesting vehicle showed up that definitely turns some heads for attention. 
Marchers return to the Southwestern District precinct.


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