Michigan Gov. Whitmer's Fall School Plan Includes Masks, Spacing, Constant Cleaning

June 30, 2020, 9:06 PM

Fall 2020 will look very different than fall 2019 for students in Michigan schools under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's Michigan Safe Start Plan

On Tuesday, the governor released guidelines for reopening the state's K-12 schools, which according to The Detroit News, include: 

  • Students and teachers wearing masks except while eating

  • Desks six feet apart in classrooms

  • Teachers maintaining six feet between themselves and students when possible

  • No school visitors, including family members, except during emergencies.

  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces at least every four hours with an Environmental Protection Agency-approved disinfectant or diluted bleach.

  • Outdoor spectator or stadium events limited to 100 people. Indoor events would be banned for now.

“I will continue working closely with the Return to Learn Advisory Council and experts in epidemiology and public health to ensure we get this right, but we also need more flexibility and financial support from the federal government," Whitmer says in a statement. "This crisis has had serious implications on our budget, and we need federal support if we’re going to get this right for our kids.” 

Detroit's superintendent tweets these reactions:

See the 63-page plan

Read more:  The Detroit News

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