5 Can't-Miss Career Choices for Kwame Kilpatrick Whenever He's Free

July 10, 2020, 2:34 PM

Kwame Kilpatrick

Recently, in the midst of this crazy pendemic, reports circulated that the federal prison system would release ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. That generated all kind of rumors and feelings, even from Mayor Mike Duggan, who indicated he'd welcome Kilpatrick home with open arms.

Turns out, the prison system was only considering it and ended up nixing the idea. Kilpatrick, 50, continues serving the 28-year public corruption sentence he got hit with in 2013. 

Demetrius Carrington, publisher of Detroit-based Beautiful+Machine Magazine, concedes he was disappointed to hear Kilpatrick wasn't leaving prison in Oakdale, La. Still, he lists five can't-miss career options whenever the gates unlock:

  • Political consultant: He could easily guide young politicians.
  • Pastor: He has the chops and the leadership ability to run a mega-church.
  • Professor: He has the education and experience to teach poli sci.
  • Record executive: He has the presence, swag and street cred. 
  • TV judge: He has the looks, charm and background. 

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