Mom Says Geoffrey Fieger Wouldn't Let Her Work from Home to Care for Sick Child

August 13, 2020, 1:09 AM

Geoffrey Fieger (Photo: WKAR)

Well-known Metro Detroit Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who's often seen on commercials advocating for the underdog and the working class, is being sued by an employee who claims he did her wrong.

Attorney Polina Milman, 33, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit Tuesday in federal court, claiming Fieger refused to let her work from home for two days during the pandemic to care for her sick 2-year-old son, whose daycare had closed, Tresa Baldas of the Detroit Free Press reports. She had been with the Southfield law firm since 2018. 

Polina's suit says human resources approved her request to work remotely for two days, and that she offered to take unpaid leave if necessary because her son, who was ill and has respiratory issues. Instead, Fieger fired her in April.

Feiger told the Freep the suit is nonsense and that Milman was an at-will employee who was fired for refusing to report to work.

"She tried to come up with an excuse that her child was sick," Fieger said. "I know she was lying. She has no doctor's excuse. She never offered a doctor's note. She never applied for FMLA [leave under the Family Medical Leave Act]. She never did anything."

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