Short's Brewing to nasty visitors: 'We will not tolerate this behavior'

August 14, 2020, 9:43 AM

"Be respectful and be kind because enough is enough." (Photos: Short's Brewing Co.)

Brewpub servers, hosts and managers at Short's in Bellaire, a small town in the northwestern Lower Peninsula, are fed up with impatient, insistent, intolerant patrons stressed by Covid safety rules. 

An unidentified management team member decries the nastiness and warns that abusive guests will be ejected at the Short's Brewing Co. location in a century-old former hardware store on Noirth Bridge Street. Here's what the business posts on Facebook, earning more than 2.100 supportive comments and over 9,000 reposts since Thursday evening:

'We are done'

It's time to STOP. Enough is enough already.

"We will not be bullied."

To all of the customers who have swore at us, yelled, laughed in our faces, threatened negative reviews, name-called, belittled and brought us to tears, we are done. We're here to tell you that we stand with all of our staff and we will not tolerate this behavior at our pub.

Our staff deserves better. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons. We might not be yours, but we are somebody's and deserve the respect you would want for your own. We are your servers, hosts, bussers and kitchen crew.

We've had enough of the bullying that has come to light during the time of Covid. We will not be bullied.

We bust ours to give you a killer experience. We understand how frustrating waiting for food or dealing with lines can be, but we are also constantly working to streamline our business levels with this new system. Changes have happened overnight and day by day for all of us.

We ask that you please be patient with us and remember that you aren't talking to just a server or manager, you are talking to another human being with feelings. Our management team is aware that issues arise and is willing to listen, think and make changes to ensure an awesome Short's experience for our guests.

If you have constructive feedback that will help us grow please email us at Things may not always go according to plan, but we do hear you and we are constantly working on learning and adapting.

We're here to listen, but remember if you can't be kind, then we cannot help you. Our staff is our family and we have their backs.

So remember, be respectful and be kind because enough is enough.

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