Gallery: Pro and Anti-Trump Motorists Show Up for Unofficial Woodward Dream Cruise

August 15, 2020, 4:58 PM by  Michael Lucido

America's political divisions in America were on full display Saturday afternoon at the unofficial Woodward Dream Cruise, with the real one canceled out of concern for the deadly party spoiler -- Covid-19.

MAGA-hatted people watched pro-Trump motorists with signs and flags cruise up and down Woodward in the surburbs to show devotion to the man in the White House. Then there were the anti-Trump folks with impeachment signs and some that simply said: "Fuck Donald Trump."

Besides all that, there were plenty car lovers to enjoy a timeless scene: the flow of classic cars on a classic avenue Woodward on a warm, sunny summer day. 

                                          Photos By Michael Lucido























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