Deadline Detroit Membership Winners of Gift Cards from Caucus Club, Mootz Pizzeria and Chartreuse

August 21, 2020, 12:45 PM

Gift cards from Moozt, Caucus Club and Chartreuse

First off, we want to thank all the folks who have signed up for the Deadline Detroit membership program. Every bit of support helps us deliver the news seven days a week.

After a hiatus, we return this month to giving out monthly prizes to members. Winners are randomly selected through computer-generated numbers.

Below are the latest recipients. If you're not a member, SIGN UP HERE. It's only $3 a month, though some give more.

August Drawing

♦ Alan Stefan: Caucus Club ($100 gift card) : 150 W. Congress, Detroit (Menu)

♦ Arlene Frank: Mootz Pizzeria ($25 gift card): 1230 Library St., Detroit (Menu)

♦ Rose Fenster: Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails ($50): 15 E. Kirby, Detroit (Menu)

♦ Bill Vlasic: $20 Amazon card

♦ Carelton Reed: $20 Amazon card

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