Armed Instagram poses are a social media fail, Detroiter learns when federal agents knock

September 12, 2020, 8:22 AM

Featured_jeremy_massey_4_44835Jeremy Massey Jr. of Detroit and portions of a probable cause affidavit for a search warrant. (Slide: WDIV)

It's dumb to show off his Glock in tough-guy Instagrams, this accused felon now realizes.

Selfies shown here are among evidence that let federal law enforcers get a warrant to search Jeremy Massey Jr.'s residence in Detroit, Mara MacDonald reports at WDIV. "There's oversharing on social media, and there's oversharing on social media to the point that the ATF is knocking at your front door," she observes.

One of Jeremy Massey's "come and get me" invitations. (Photo: WDIV video)

The federal firearms bureau had monitored @eastbabyslim, identified as Massey, and saw him posing with the handgun and displaying it on his bed.

His Instagram posts were enough for federal authorities to obtain a search warrant for his Detroit home. They recovered a Glock and Massey ran out the door.

He is now facing federal charges in addition to [earlier Macomb and Oakland] cases.

The new accusations are possessing a firearm while under indictment and using a controlled substance while armed, a count related to Instagram weed-smoking photos.

Massey also has a Sept. 18 jury trial in Oakland Circuit Court on an unarmed robbery charge and a Sept. 24 hearing in Macomb Circuit Court. In that case, which began last March, he's accused of leaving an injury crash scene, driving with a suspended license, fleeing police and resisting arrest. The latter two are felonies.

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