Warren Mayor James Fouts: The Council Declares War on Me

September 14, 2020, 7:11 AM

Mayor James Fouts

Warren Mayor James Fouts is in the midst of his fourth, four-year term.

The city council thinks that's too much time in office. So it went to court to put a term-limit proposal before the voters in November, and won. The measure proposes to change the number of terms from five to three.

Fouts is unhappy, though he'll be able to finish his term even if the measure passes.

He sees the move as a declaratyion of war. "Since this City Council got elected, they've decided to declare war on the city clerk, upon myself and the City of Warren," Fouts told reporters last week, according to Mitch Hotts of The Macomb Daily.

"Every one of City Council ran on a number of issues. Term limits was not an issue, nor was it discussed in the campaign. And somewhere out of nowhere they've decided to change the term limits."

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