Lip Bar's 'Bawse Voter' gets an endorsement from Michelle Obama

September 19, 2020, 7:43 AM

First things first: The Lip Bar's awesome $13 red lipstick, modeled here by a smiley lady you may recognize from her previous appearance as The First Lady Who Seemed to Actually Like Her Husband, is sold out. 

Michelle Obama's benevolent glance is all it takes to send a product to the moon, sales-wise. Her book was on the bestseller lists for over a year, her podcast is great and her VOTE necklace is being knocked off by every quick-turn jewelry maker on the planet. No one in their right mind would think Bawse Voter, the Lip Bar's limited-edition red shade offered to encourage you-know-what, would last a hot minute once Miss Michelle put it on. 

But it's still a good reminder: Whether you go to the polls or do it absentee, in a shade of red or pink or even bare-lipped, November is coming. You might also remember that the founders of the Lip Bar, the Detroit-based vegan cosmetics brand, were sneered at on an infamous "Shark Tank" episode where one of the sharks, Kevin O'Leary, told company founder Melissa Butler that “you only have so many minutes on Earth, don’t waste them trying to sell lipstick.” 

Nevertheless, she persisted. Who's laughing now?

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