Video: 'Blind People Get Hit Incredibly Hard by a Pandemic' -- Michigan Justice Richard Bernstein

September 23, 2020, 11:54 AM

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein loves interacting with people. But the pandemic has created new challenges as a blind person. And unlike many other people, he hasn't been able to take advantage of platforms like Zoom.

"Blind people get hit incredibly hard by a pandemic," Bernstein said Tuesday during an interview in downtown Birmingham on "The Craig Fahle Show." "For blind people Craig, people are our lifeblood. When I say to you that I love people, it is not a form of speech, it's not me just saying 'oh I really like people.' I love people people. For someone like myself (people) are a lifeline."  

"I can't experience the world on my own. Isolation is something that a blind person cannot do because we will not survive."

Before winning election to the state's top court in 2015, Bernstein worked for the family business, the Sam Bernstein Law Firm in Farmington Hills. 

Listen to the full interview: 

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