Video: Detroit's Chief Craig goes on Fox to promote outside-agitator belief about protests

September 24, 2020, 12:46 PM

Fox News loves Detroit Police Chief James Craig, and Craig must love it back, based on how many times he's appeared on the network in recent months. 

His latest pop-in to "Fox & Friends" was to react to videos currently inflaming right-side media, of a mid-size U-Haul truck in Louisville unloading signs and "riot gear" to anti-police protesters in yesterday's reaction to the Breonna Taylor grand jury action. 

Conservatives have siezed on the clips as evidence that organized forces are behind BLM and other protests in American cities. 

Craig was on hand to agree, and called the scene evidence of outsiders stirring up trouble and a "Marxist ideology" at work. Check it out below:

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