Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera: We Are 'Really Close' to Contending Again

September 27, 2020, 7:59 AM


For the past four years the Detroit Tigers have had losing records. This season the team sits in last place in the AL Central with a 23-34 record.

But veteran slugger Miguel Cabrera sees hope. Asked by The Detroit News how close the team is to contending again, he says:

Really close. What I see every day and how I see them playing on the field, I feel we are closer to taking that next step. It’s tough to keep saying we’re rebuilding, we’re rebuilding. It’s time to go out there and win games. ...

I think we are in a good place to do that. But we have to have a lot of patience because we have a lot of young talent. They are learning how to play in the big leagues.

He also spoke about manager Ron Gardenhire's sudden retirement Sept. 19:

It was sad when we found out he was retiring. I didn’t expect that. I thought he’d be our manager for years to come. But he made his decision, it was a family decision. He was hurting.

But I respect Gardy. He gave us a lot of confidence to play baseball. He’s a great man.

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