'Show some respect:' Class of '03 grad scolds MSU students on Covid risks

September 28, 2020, 9:24 AM

Two decades ago, Kristin Beals of Bloomfield Hills was a MSU undergraduate. She's still in East Lansing -- now as Kristin Bellar, a 39-year-old attorney and mother of two who has a messgae about maturity for current students.

"You feel that you have a right to irresponsibly gather in large groups and spread the [Covid] virus because you think it won't change your day-to-day life at all," Bellar writes in a letter published by The State News. "It's appalling."

The 2003 alumna, who added a MSU law degree in 2006, is general counsel for a public workers' retirement system. Her outcry, she writes, is aimed at "students who do not care to follow social distancing guidelines and do not see the consequences because most students have not become seriously ill from Covid-19."

State figures from mid-September show 1,295 coronavirus diagnoses among MSU students living off-campus in Ingham County.

Kristin Bellar: "It's not that hard." (Photo: Facebook)

The graduate, raising a school-age son and daughter with her husband, tells younger Spartans:

The East Lansing Public School District is utilizing MSU testing results to make a determination of whether and when to open in-person instruction.

Your actions directly impact the thousands of young people living in your community, as well as the parents who are trying to work (in some cases, to teach you) while managing virtual school. ...

What you do today impacts vulnerable children that live down the street from you. What you are doing today directly impacts the ability of community parents to earn a living to feed their children.

It's not that hard — take it easy on the partying this semester, bring our numbers down and be good humans.

Show some respect for others.

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