In Detroit, plots of vacant land for sale for $250

September 28, 2020, 10:27 AM

A Land Bank lot on Strasburg Street near East 7 Mile Road. (Photo: Violet Ikonomova)

Detroit's largest property owner plans to soon start selling vacant parcels to people who live near them.

Doesn't sound new? It sort of is. The Detroit Land Bank Authority has traditionally sold vacant land to residents who live next door for $100. In October, The Detroit News reports it will expand the parameters for who can buy, giving access to people throughout the neighborhood.  Parcels will be sold to approved applicants for $250.

The relaxed guidelines come as the city faces questions over a proposal to tax homeowners to continue its demolition program. Some residents have expressed concern the land cleared by the 8,000 demolitions that will occur under Prop N will go to developers, not Detroiters.

But the news comes with fine print: Land in more desireable areas that could be suitable for development, like in-fill housing, may not be available.

Read more:  The Detroit News

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