Exclusive: Bob Bashara Expected to Be Charged in Wife's Murder

November 13, 2012, 3:40 PM by  Allan Lengel

More trouble appears to await Bob Bashara, the Grosse Pointe Park businessman who has pleaded guilty for trying to put a hit on handyman Joe Gentz, the man accused of killing Bashara’s wife Jane.

Law enforcement sources tell Deadline Detroit that authorities plan to charge Bashara with the murder of his wife.

“I expect charges, absolutely,” said one source. “It’s not a question of if, but when.”

Early on, Bashara, 54, was considered by authorities to be a person of interest in the murder of Jane Bashara, who was found dead in January in the back seat of her Mercedes SUV in an alley on Detroit’s east side.

Joe Gentz, a handyman for Bashara, told authorities that Bashara promised to pay him $2,000 and a used Cadillac to kill Jane. He also said Bashara held a gun to him and made him kill Jane at their Grosse Pointe Park home. 

The tangled tale only got messier.

While Gentz was in the Wayne County Jail awaiting trial in the murder of Jane Bashara, authorities charged that Bashara tried to put a hit out on him. The theory was that he wanted to make sure Gentz couldn’t testify against him in Jane Bashara’s murder.

Last month, Bashara pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder of Gentz. Prosecutors have argued that he should get anywhere from about seven to 11 years in prison. His attorney has reportedly argued that a more appropriate sentence would be four to seven years. Sentencing was set for Tuesday, but has been rescheduled for Dec. 10. 

Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Offices said: "The Bashara homicide investigation remains open and we have no comment on it at this time."

Trial for Gentz has been set for Jan. 7. His attorney has previously indicated that he may plead guilty and testify against Bashara if necessary. Law enforcement authorities expect Gentz to cop a plea. Gentz's attorney Susan Reed could not be reached for comment Tuesday. 

Mark Kriger, Bashara’s attorney, declined to comment for this story. 

Grosse Pointe Park Police Chief David Hill declined to comment on specifics of the case, saying only: “There’s always an ongoing investigation in a case like this. As things develop, I’m sure you’ll hear more.”

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