Video: We Ask Kids in Metro Detroit and Beyond About President Trump

October 18, 2020, 10:00 PM by  Allan Lengel

Our photojournalist Michael Lucido and I were at the Campus Martius skating rink last winter, interviewing kids to see what they thought about President Donald Trump. A father, about 40, was skating with his teenage son and approached us. 

He was agitated, and confrontational and essentially said: "Who cares what children think? They don’t vote." I told him we cared about kids' opinions. It's their president, too.

After all, policies on guns and education impact them in real ways. Excuse them if they don't totally trust us adults. They get it. They care. They want a better world. We care what they think. In February, we randomly talked to several children in Cadillac Square and Campus Martius.

Then the pandemic hit, so the project paused. Recently, we restarted and asked a Democrat and a Republican to find youngsters we could interview, most by Zoom. We’re glad to give a platform to express their views. Let us know what you think in a comment below. 

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