Michigan doctor urges Trump to cancel Muskegon rally. Good luck with that!

October 17, 2020, 8:10 AM

Two doctors, one from Muskegon, took to Zoom Friday to urge President Trump to cancel a planned rally in that city, citing rising Covid-19 cases and medical common sense. 

A Trump rally, with typical social distancing (File photo)

Yeah, don't bet on that happening.

The Free Press reports:

Doctors Rob Davidson and Susan Fabrick held a press conference via Zoom on Friday afternoon, less than 24 hours before doors were slotted to open at FlyBy Air near the Muskegon County Airport. The doctors said the president is failing to listen to the evidence.

"As physicians, we are really concerned about the inaccurate misinformation that President Trump repeats day after day, multiple times a day," said Fabrick, a family medicine doctor who has practiced in Muskegon for 26 years. "No matter what he claims, COVID-19 is still with us and it is still killing people."

Muskegon County mirrors a statewide trend with coronavirus case report averages on the upswing, with 102 cases reported by the county last week. Although the county's total case count is significantly lower than Wayne County's, which holds the state's top spot, it reports 8.48 cases per 100,000 residents compared to Wayne County's 7.13.

Davidson is executive director of the Committee to Protect Medicare, which hosted the conference. Fabrick, of Muskegon, practices family medicine. 

The Muskegon Trump rally's registration page has a paragraph-long Covid-19 waiver, and informs registrants that by attending, they "voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure" to the disease, and discharge all concerned of "any and all liability for any illness and injury."

No masks are required or even advised on the page. 

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