Video: Former Detroit police precinct where many died offers haunted tours

October 21, 2020, 8:19 AM

If you're looking to actually get spooked this spooky szn, this old cop shop on the west side of Detroit seems like a pretty solid bet.

Haunted tours are underway at Detroit's former 6th Precinct, which was in operation for about 80 years before it was vacated in 2005.

Its owner, Ed Steele, tells MLive paranormal activity has been detected there. And if ghosts are real, the precinct does indeed seem like a place they might haunt: People were killed on its front steps and multiple officers and inmates committed suicide inside, according to Steele.

Interestingly, Steele, who works in IT, thought he could initially convert the precinct into a gathering space and cloud-computing data center.

Check out the site in the video below. Tour deets are here.


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