Boo! Attorney General Nessel offers to scare voters to Michigan polls

October 22, 2020, 7:19 AM

If it sometimes seems that everybody, and we do mean everybody, is making a PSA reminding you to vote this election, that's because they are. 

The latest is from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, who normally keeps her humor a little sharper and Twitter-ier, going for a broader appeal. This time she's dressed as Ghostface, the killer(s) from the "Scream" film franchise, calling "not voting" "scarier than Halloween." 

It's the goofiest she's been since her viral no-penis video, dropped at the height of the #MeToo scandals, which was many Michigan voters' first exposure (ha ha) to Nessel. It was also a useful indicator of who in Michigan politics might lack a sense of humor when it comes to comedy based on secondary sex characteristics. 

Anyway, here's Nessel showing her standup roots:

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