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'Detroit Digest:' Tamales bring the spicy at Tamaleria Nuevo Leon in Southwest Detroit

October 24, 2020, 12:03 PM

Carlos Parisi (left) and Kyle Sammy, the eating explorers of our monthly "Detroit Digest," return to Southwest Detroit and try four varieties of tamales at Tamaleria Nuevo Leon, an old-school survivor at 2669 Vernor Hwy. This takeout shop at the corner of St. Ann Street has cooked and wrapped tamales since 1957. 

"I've been coming to grab tamales for a while. This place is good," says Parisi, who teaches his pal to pronounce tah-MAL-ah-REE-ah and the rest of the name before they sample regular pork, spicy pork, beef and chicken tamales.

"It has a little kick to it," Sammy confirms after bite number one of a pork rollup enlivened with jalapeño and seasonings. "This definitely adds flavor, not [just] spice."

Videographer Michael Lucido steps out from behind the tripod to enjoy his first tamale. His spicy pork verdict: "Nice little heat. This was absolutely fantastic."

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See how our hosts rate the other three fillings in six-minute segment:

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