Whitmer on Trump's Tuesday rally in Lansing: Don't attend events like this

October 25, 2020, 11:19 PM

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is warning a Trump rally planned for Tuesday in Lansing is "a recipe for disaster" as Covid cases rise in the state.

In an appearance on WXYZ Sunday, Whitmer said "the president has shown that he can’t even protect his own self from getting Covid."

"Coming together and bringing groups who are not wearing masks, who are projecting their voices, this is a recipe for disaster," she said. "And we have seen covid outbreaks as a result of these rallies. I'm encouraging Michigan Citizens, don’t attend events like this."

On Saturday, Michigan reported another spike in Covid cases, adding 3,338 cases and 35 deaths, bringing the total of confirmed cases to more than 158,000 and death toll to 7,182.

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