When you need a home project tool, borrow it at Carhartt in Midtown Detroit

October 27, 2020, 7:54 AM

Sure, it's a self-promo thing. It's also a handy community service that's free.

Carhartt lends tools to homeowners for up to two weeks at its Midtown Detroit flagship store on Cass Avenue, between Antoinette and West Palmer.

Half of the inventory categories. (Photos: Carhartt)

The workwear company describes its second-floor "Workshop Tool Bench" as a "collaborative community space" where no-fee members can check out a choice of about 150 tools in eight categories. Manager Achille Bianchi and his staff offer tips on matching tools with projects and show how to use them.

The library-style setup offers power tools, hand tools and small landscaping equipment. Items include a tuckpoint grinder, multimeter, portable bandsaw, drywall kit, chain and pole saws, sledge hammer, axe, drills, wood joiner, plumbing wrenches and channel locks, hydraulic jack and a power caulk gun.

Carhartt makes clothes, not tools, and serves "people who work with their hands for their job or on the weekends or in their off time," Bianchi tells Hour Detroit.

"Some people may have a necessity for … a wet tile saw for a bathroom or kitchen remodel. It's going to come in really handy for about a week, then it will sit in the garage and collect dust. For the average homeowner looking to tackle a project on their own, it probably doesn’t make sense for them to buy."

Each tool is checked out for a week and can be extended another week if not reserved by someone else.

Because of Covid precautions, the workshop accepts only advance requests for curbside pickup. Inside consultations are by appointment and last 15-20 minutes. (Mask required, naturally.)

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