Sketchy robocall targeting Flint says to vote Wednesday

November 03, 2020, 11:53 AM

Attorney General Dana Nessel warns about a robocall reportedly telling Flint voters to wait to vote until tomorrow due to long lines.

On Twitter, Nessel wrote she'd received several reports about the call.

"Obviously this is FALSE and an effort to suppress the vote," she wrote. "No long lines and today is the last day to vote. Don’t believe the lies! Have your voice heard!"

The post had 24,000 retweets in a little over an hour.

In a Monday evening tweet, she warned Dearborn voters: "Text messages are reportedly being sent to trick you into thinking there are ballot sensor issues. Do not fall for it, it's a trick!" One text reportedly said a "typographical error" meant that people who want to vote for Joe Biden had to select President Trump instead, and vice versa.

Last month, Nessel filed suit over a separate false robocall that told Detroit voters their personal information could be used against them if they voted by mail. Right-wing operatives Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman face up to five years in prison in that case. 

The ACLU encourages people to call (866) OUR-VOTE with reports of voter suppression or other Election Day issues.

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