10 Michigan counties that made a difference in the 2020 election

November 05, 2020, 11:32 AM

As listicles go, The Detroit News' analysis of voting trends revealed by the election is better than most, if only because of the 10 counties that shaped the Michigan results, three are in Metro Detroit. 

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Every election is a temperature check, and here's a taste of how Craig Mauger and Christine Ferretti see the state's demographics and political attitudes changing:

Wayne, where Biden prevailed by more than 300,000 votes:

In 2016, Clinton notoriously got 76,000 fewer votes in the county than President Barack Obama did four years earlier. On Tuesday, Biden was on pace to crush Clinton's total with many votes still uncounted.

Oakland, where Biden won by nearly 110,000 votes: 

Michigan Democrats were hoping to run up the score in the suburbs. Oakland County, which became one of the symbolic bellwethers of the campaign, broke for Biden but not as heavily as some expected.

Macomb, where Trump prevailed, but lost ground from 2016:

Trump won Macomb County, where he and Biden campaigned this fall, by 8 percentage points or about 38,900 votes, according to unofficial results. In 2016, Trump won Macomb by 12 percentage points or about 48,300 votes. The decline in margin of victory was about 9,400 votes.

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