Michigan Sets Covid Record 2 Days in a Row, with 5,710 New Cases Thursday

November 05, 2020, 3:58 PM by  Allan Lengel


The second wave of Covid continues to pack a powerful punch.

On Thursday, for the second straight day, Michigan set a record with 5,710 new cases. There were 51 deaths.

That high number comes just one day after Michigan tallied 4,101 new diagnoses and 17 deaths.

The nation on Wednesday recorded more than 100,000 new cases on Wednesday. 

President Trump tried to downplay the surge of cases around the country during his campaign, complaining that the media just kept hammering away on "Covid, Covid, Covid." He assured Americans that things would get better.

Conversely, Joe Biden continued to raise the importance of addressing the issue during campaign stops in Michigan and elsewhere. 

Michigan has recorded 197,806 cases and 7,470 deaths since the start of the pandemic in March.The first cases in the state were recorded March 10, the day of the presidential primary. 

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