Michigan AG's Office inundated with harassing calls amid baseless election fraud claims

November 06, 2020, 10:43 AM


Unsubstantiated claims of election fraud have translated to unsavory and threatening calls to the Michigan Attorney General's Office, as Trump supporters respond to what a spokeswoman characterized as a Facebook call-to-action.

Attorney General Dana Nessel urged the callers to stop in a Thursday afternoon tweet. She shared details of one gruesome comment that instructed staff to "shove Sharpies in uncomfortable places."

In an email late Thursday, Rossman-McKinney described the calls "as rude, crude and totally unacceptable crank calls at a higher volume than usual."

The majority were coming from Michigan residents. All, she said, were election-related, with some asking the office to investigate the long unsubstantiated yet ever-popular claim of dead people voting. Others focused on what she called "sharpiegate," an apparent conspiracy theory that alleges poll workers tricked Trump supporters into invalidating their ballots by giving them felt-tipped markers.


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