Gallery: Pro-Trump protesters rally at TCF Center in Detroit a day before networks say he lost the election

November 06, 2020, 4:18 PM

Update: All TV networks, including Fox News say Saturday that Joe Biden won Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes and is president-elect. Fox says he also won Nevada.

The absentee-ballot counting boards went home sometime late Wednesday, but with no other obvious rallying place at hand, a crowd of pro-Trump supporters gathered outside TCF Center Friday afternoon to wave flags, chant slogans, display weaponry and otherwise protest the protracted process of choosing a new president in 2020. 

Various subsects of the group -- Gays for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Hispanics for Trump and others -- enjoyed balmy temperatures and stayed active a couple hours. Some counterprotesters arrived, some in Black Lives Matter clothing, but confrontations didn't go beyond verbal exchanges. 

Below, some scenes from the morning's activities, by Deadline Detroit photographer Michael Lucido.


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