Michigan AG Nessel and GOP's Laura Cox Spar Over Voter Fraud Allegations

November 08, 2020, 10:22 PM by  Allan Lengel

Dana Nessel and Laura Cox

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Laura Cox, chair of the Michigan Republican Party, clashed on Twitter Sunday night over election fraud allegations.

Cox suggests Nessel investigate. Nessel, who is skeptical of the GOP's attempt to discredit the election, doesn't see it that way.

"Scoffing at MIGOP attempts to ensure ballot integrity, AG Nessel is showing the bias that is present for GOP in MI," Cox tweeted. "This is the same bias that our challengers faced at TCF.There needs to be impartial examination of what happened this election by more than Biden endorsed officials."

Nessel shot back that Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy was capable of investigating any allegations of fraud in Detroit.

"If it's an impartial review of evidence of a crime you seek, it seems the trusted county prosecutor, who has never shied away from pursuing charges against other Democrats, would be the appropriate law enforcement official to conduct such an investigation," Nessel responded. 

Nessel then went on to tweet:

Twelve hours earlier, Nessel tweeted: "If you have actual evidence of voter fraud, you should contact law enforcement, as it’s a crime which is taken very seriously. If you have ridiculous conspiracy theories unsupported by facts or reality, by all means contact the @MIGOP."

The arguments come as President Trump and GOP supporters push the narrative that there was widespread voter fraud, even though they've presented no evidence. 

Nessel also addressed the broad allegations of voter fraud and the call by the Republican-controlled legislature to conduct hearings on voter fraud allegations. 

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