Ex-Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr Finds Himself in Midst of Controversy Over Defending Trump

November 15, 2020, 12:04 AM

Kevyn Orr

The Jones Day international law firm came across Detroiters' radar when one of its lawyers, Kevyn Orr, was hired in 2013 as the emergency manager to oversee the city's bankruptcy.

Orr subsquently returned to the firm, which is experiencing internal turmoil. Some of its attorneys are bothered that the prestigious firm is helping President Trump challenge election results.

On Friday Orr, a partner-in-charge at Jones Day’s D.C. office, hosted a call with associates to discuss the issue, reports a legal website, Above the Law. After giving his spiel, the call ended without letting associates register their opinions. That didn't sit well.

Lawyer Parker Rider-Longmaid, according to Above the Law, emailed the entire D.C. office:

Kevyn, my understanding was that we would have an opportunity at today’s meeting to ask questions or say something. Robin and I had prepared to say something. So now I will share it with all of you this way.

We dissent. I don’t believe the question here is whether the Pennsylvania election cert petition has legal merit, or is instead frivolous. I believe the question is whether this firm should lend its prestige and credibility to the project of an administration bent on undermining our democracy and our rule of law.

As an American, I am today deeply disappointed in this firm. I do not accept as simply unpopular what is profoundly undemocratic. We are better than this. And yesterday should be no excuse for tomorrow.

Orr later reopened the meeting and engaged in an extended conversation with associates, the site reports. 

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