Hapless, clueless Wolverines fall in rout, and Detroit sports scribes despair

November 15, 2020, 6:51 AM

You know a columnist has their knickers in a twist when they start writing one-sentence paragraphs. 

Like this. 

Jim Harbaugh (file photo)

The utter collapse of the once-proud University of Michigan football program -- which may or may not have hit rock bottom with a 38-point loss to Wisconsin Saturday night -- has the Freep's Shawn Windsor beside himself:

They weren’t ready. At all. Not for this stage. Not for a night game. Not for Wisconsin. 

In fact, they were flat. Inexplicably so. Inexcusably so. 

It was, frankly, surreal.

Yeah, it kinda was, even for a fan base primed by losing to Indiana -- Indiana! In football? The Hoosiers? Indiana! -- last week. But whose fault is this? Windsor:

None of it should be placed on the players. 

You want a culprit?

We'll give you three guesses, and his initials are J.H. 

Over in The News, John Niyo is similarly vexed into one-sentence paragraphs:

One yard.

For an entire quarter, that’s all Michigan could muster.

And then when that’s all the Wolverines needed, just to stop the bleeding, they couldn’t even get that.

This is kind of like when your dad is very, very disappointed in you, and just glares. Same thing. 

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