Three test positive for Covid after Detroit 'Count Every Vote' rally Nov. 7

November 15, 2020, 7:17 AM

Three people who attended Michigan United's rally last weekend to celebrate the Biden-Harris victory have tested positive for Covid-19, the nonprofit announced in an email. It urged attendees to exercise caution and get tested. 

The Michigan United march occurred in balmy weather. (Photo: Michigan United Facebook)

The Free Press reports:

Ken Whittaker, director of movement politics at Michigan United, said in the email: "In an abundance of caution, I’m reaching out to members who may have attended Saturday’s coalition-wide Voter Celebration on November 7th at New Center in Detroit. We were notified that at least three people who attended the event have tested positive for COVID-19."

He added: "If you were at the rally in Detroit, please self-monitor for symptoms, get tested, and follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop."

The rally was held near the Detroit Board of Elections in New Center. From photos of the event, most in attendance wore masks, although the march was typically bunched up with individuals. 

Covid cases are soaring around the country and in Southeast Michigan. 

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