Covid deaths in Metro Detroit since spring are 70% of Michigan total

November 16, 2020, 4:50 PM

Michigan's most populous region naturally is hit hardest by the escalating coronavirus plague, state figures confirm starkly.

Metro Detroit's three counties have more than 116,200 confirmed cases since March -- 44% of the statewide total (264,576, as of Monday, not counting more than 24,300 diagnoses labeled "probable Covid.")

Wayne, Oakland and Macomb account for 5,574 Covid-related deaths in the past eight months -- 69.3% of Michgan's 8,044 linked to the infection by county health departments.

The largest share of local Covid deaths are in Wayne (3,124, or 38.8% of the state toll), while the most local cases are in Oakland (36,020, 13.6%).

(Photo: Henry Ford Health System)

Wayne's deaths, which include 1,679 Detroiters, are the ninth-highest among U.S. counties, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. (Wayne's nearly 52,000 confirmed cases rank 27th nationwide.)  

Here are the latest state Department of Health and Human Services figures for Detroit and each county:


  • 18,956 confirmed cases (7.2% of state total)

  • 1,679 deaths (20.8%) 

Wayne County (excluding city)

  • 33,000 confirmed cases (12.5% of state total)

  • 1,445 deaths (18%)

Oakland County

  • 36,020 confirmed cases (13.6% of state total)

  • 1,283 deaths (16%)

Macomb County

  • 28,258 confirmed cases (10.7% of state total)

  • 1,167 deaths (14.5%)

-- Alan Stamm

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