Beaumont CEO John Fox Got $2.6-Million Bonus Weeks Before Federal Aid

November 17, 2020, 8:44 AM

John Fox (Photo: Beaumont Health)

Beaumont Health CEO John Fox got a $2.6-million bonus weeks before the hospital system got financial assistance to offset Covid costs.

The bonus was 63 percent above his previous-year bonus of $1.6 million — and was given the same March day that the nonprofit health system got its first Covid patient, the Detroit Free Press reports. It cites tax returns the health system filed with the IRS for 2019.

Those returns show Fox's total compensation for work in 2019 was $6.75 million. 

The bonus comes as Fox and his COO Carolyn Wilson are under increasing attack by doctors, nurses and donors, who accuse them of creating an initimidating work environment that favores profit over quality care.  

Overall, the Freep reports, spending on bonuses for top executives at Beaumont appeared to fall. The eight-hospital system doled out $9 million on bonuses for Fox and 33 other top executives and doctors for their work in 2019. That was down from $12 million in bonuses in 2018 and $11 million for 2017. 


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